@dampixt, Instagramer and Pixter ambassador

Damien is landscape lover that explore the world and plays with colors and perspectives using Pixter lenses. Wether it is macro photography or landscapes, this young frenchman pushes the limits of his smartphone. He shares his adventures with almost 6000 people. 

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Damien, I am 29, I am from Brittany (Côtes d’Armor) and I live in Reims ( France ). I work in the entertainment administration. I take care of contracts, and logistics for a theater. I like anything that is about arts. I have a preference for theater and dance, then comes photography.
I practice fencing for 20 years already. I have been a Pixter ambassador for over a year now.

How did you become passionate about photography ?

My interest for photography started when I found my grandfather’s old film camera. At the same time I was taking classes of image analysis. I was able to understand the notions of depth of field, aperture, sensitivity…
Therefore, I started with film, but the results were not great.
Then, I kept on going with a small digital camera, a DSLR and today I mainly use my Smartphone.
When I discovered the Pixter lenses, the results really surprised me, I produced more and more pictures using these accessories. I finally took the step and created an Instagram page dedicated to my pictures taken with these lenses.

What kind of Smartphone do you have ? Why did you chose this one ?

I have an iPhone6. I did not choose it for photography. I chose it because I am a bit… a lot… too ? addicted to Apple products.
Photowise, I am very happy with it but I might change to be able to shoot RAW.


What does the use of Smartphone add to your practice ?

Facility! Today, we all have a phone in our pocket. For the majority it is a Smartphone. You just have to grab your phone whenever you see something you like and it is a wrap!
The quality of the phone cameras is growing. You get a result that looks like a DSLR despite the size of the sensor.

How would you describe your work ?

It is amateur work! I do this outside of work and do claim to be a professional. I gladly answer to questions about the Pixter gear, but it is advice resulting from my practice, it is not instructions.
I practice photography for myself first of all. It is a good way to go out and discover unknown places, beautiful landscapes…
In general, I take my pictures during the week end and publish them throughout the week (1 per day). I take pictures during my walks, I capture what I find beautiful, I try to find angles a bit out of the ordinary.
It is a “everyday photography”, for example, there is a building down my house that I see 4 times a day and it is only recently that I noticed its photographic interest.

What kind of subject catches your eye ?

I do not focus on a certain type of picture. I really like macro photography, I find fascinating to be able to see all the details you miss with your eye. I am becoming more and more fond of architecture photography. The lines, the reflections are very interesting.
However, I do not take portraits. I have never tried, but I don’t think I would be good at directing the model.
I think I am like everybody, when I see a pretty landscape, I want to immortalize it.

What role does Instagram play in your practice of photography ?

It is central!
I take most of my picture in a square format. It is also the only social media that I use, I do not have a Facebook page nor a Pinterest…
I try my best to have an interesting gallery with the only constraint to be diverse.

Do you use App to retouch your pictures ?

I am a “purist” of Instagram, I only use the filters the app provides.
It is mainly laziness! I don’t have the time or the patience to retouch for hours. I chose the picture I like the most from the series and add the filter that has the best result.
I would like to be able to shoot in RAW, not to retouch but to be able to push the brightness and the white balance.


What Smartphone accessory do you use the most ?

Pixter’s lenses!
My Instagram page only contains pictures taken with those lenses. I have been an ambassador for the brand for a year now. I started with the starter pack then upgraded to the Pro pack.
I use all the Pro lenses, it is a challenge! Not favouring one over another; trying to post on a regular basis with every type of lense.
From the starter pack, I only kept the Ultra-Macro, because I find the results mind-blowing! I also use the tripod of the brand, most of the time to create timelaps.
If I had to chose only one lens, the choice would be hard, but it would be the Macro Pro. It allows to make beautiful macro picture very easily!

Which one of your images represent you the most ?

It would be this picture.
The last picture taken when I was on holidays at home in Brittany. End of holidays, end of the day at the beach with my friends, Brittany, the sun… there is everything.
It is right next to the pink granite coast, I love this area! The landscapes are amazing and the colors change constantly depending on the weather, the waves, the tides…

And I love the flare that the sun makes! It proves that the weather is nice in Brittany, whatever people might say!

What advice would you give to young photographers that want to create an Instagram page ?

Take your time !
At the beginning I was all crazy, I was posting a lot (4 or 5 pictures a day!) then I started to take my time to select among the pictures I preferred. Sometimes I don’t post for one or two days. Because I am not happy with the pictures I tool. It is not a problem!
I also try not to post the same subject, or if I do, it is because the subject was taken in different angles. “all things come to those who wait”


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