#kiss4lgbtqrights – Gay Couples Kiss on Instagram to Show Support to Gay Men in Chechnya

Social networks can also be used to speak on important subject. Over 5000 Instagram users decided to publish images to show their support for the homosexuals persecuted in Chechnya.

#kiss4lgbtqrights #weareone

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In Chechnya, homosexuality is considered a crime punishable by death. Indeed, last April, the Russian newspaper 
Novaïa Gazeta revealed the existence of “gay camps” and explained that the gay community was the target of many persecutions : murder, tortures, kidnapping. Difficult not to feel powerless in front of so many atrocities. Obviously, the politics and the international community has a major role to play, but we, as individuals can demonstrate on our scale. Some chose to gather together in the streets, others try to show their support through social media.


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On Instagram, the hashtag 
#kiss4lgbtqrights was started by the organization LGBT+ SSEX BBOX, who aimed to create
“the biggest digital kiss in the world” to break the
“silence of the LGBTQIA population in Russia”.Over 5000 images were uploaded : a simple but efficient way for a lot of couple to claim their sexual orientation. If the gesture seems trivial, it is essential to occupy the public space – virtual or real – to condamne such violence. This is why social media can have an impact.

Contre les exécution en Tchétchénie! "Exécutés juste parce qu'ils s'aiment!" #kiss4lgbtqrights #tchetchenie

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