Smart,Phone : Two Concepts Facing Each Other

At the beginning of 2010s, we were predicted a decade dedicated to the sound and to the image. It was without taking into account the strength of the social networks, apps and Smartphones … Internet stopped gobbling up its creator: the telephone network. What would the Smartphone of tomorrow look like ?

On one side, the manufacturers offer features based on the cloud or on the idea of continuity. To transfer or to watch images and movie from a device to the other for example.

Google released Chromecast in 2013, allowing to show -among other things- YouTube on the television, turning the smartphone into a remote control. Apple released Handoff, very helpful to read an article on a Smartphone, then resume the reading on the computer when home. Some Cloud features even allow the edition of images from one device to another.

Samsung just revealed DeX on the Galaxy S8, literally transforming the Smartphone into a PC, thanks to a dock and an external monitor: the software reorganizes the horizontal display, reveals a toolbar, etc. The transition smartphone / PC seems even more direct than the synchronization cloud, because only a single connecting object remains – the smartphone. We could also note the attempt of phablet, difficult to use without earphone and which would seem, beyond the call function, to look for a way to replace Smartphones.

By traveling through the trends in digital technology, we sometimes have the impression that the concept of smartphone doesn’t have much time left. But the concept of personal computer either … Apple spends a lot of energy on the development of the iPad and iPhone with the support of iCloud, leaving the iMac certainly up to date and powerful, but a little bit set back.

Especially on iPhones, the big screen of 5,5 inches is a delight for photographers, the editing, Pinterest, Adobe Capture, video framing, etc. And we easily guess that the engineers looked for a limit in the dimension of an object to put in its pocket and to stick against its ear – such a small function compared to the capacities of the device. Concerning photography, still, the Nokia 1020 with his 41mp sensor, the Motorola Moto Z including a Hasselblad photo (excuse us), the LG G5 and Samsung S4 zoom, are enough examples inciting to believe that Smartphone is a concept to be exceeded.

Because in the end, Smartphones do not have the right name anymore. We cannot speak any more about an intelligent phone. We can just notice that certain devices cannot call … The chances are high that the next generation will laugh  at the call function which will seem as obvious as the calculator or the clock, and the chances are high that it will not be using its particle -” phone ” anymore. What if this good PDA was right ?

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